The Beatles

22880304 (1)In the 1960’s, the ”Fab 4” often were confronted with the question where the actual band name came from. Usually they said that a man with a magic carpet appeared at the window and told them, – many other daft answers followed in interviews. However the actual name has a very simple origin.

Paul and George remembered that it was John arriving with it one day. They’d always been fans of Buddy Holly and the Crickets . They especially liked the Crickets bit. It had a nice double meaning, one of them a purely English meaning which American’s couldn’t have appreciated.They wished they’d thought of calling themselves The Crickets. Thinking of the name The Crickets, John naturally thought of other insects with a name which could also be played around with. He’d filled books as a child with similar word play . John recalled : ” I was sitting at home one day, just thinking about what a good name The Crickets would be for an English group. The idea of the beetles came into my head. I decided to spell it The BEATles to make it look like beat music, just as a joke.”

John Lennon on Jazz…..

565f19c7f4a47b309732a2049f88d34dIn the late 1950’s the beat group boom took over in Lennon’s hometown Liverpool with so many bands competing to play, that a spring of little teenage music clubs evolved which put on special beat shows. However the sort of clubs which were focused on live music and where people only would go to listen to the music where mainly occupied by Jazz bands. Jazz, by that time, was considered a higher art form which attracted a much higher class of following. There was a strong tendency to look down upon all beat groups and the people who played in them. Because of the scruffy amateurish image of beat bands, non of the so called ”Teddy Bears” would stand a chance to get a gig at the Jazz clubs. Lennon recalls : ” We were always anti- jazz, I think it is shit music , even more stupid than rock and roll , followed by people like students in cheap pullovers. Jazz never gets anywhere, never does anything, it’s always the same and all they do is drink pints of beer. We hated Jazz , particularly because in the early days they wouldn’t let us play at clubs, as they only wanted jazz. We’d never get auditions because of the jazz bands.”


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